Blown glassware with your specifications in mind. This means we can be sure that every product is custom made and with the highest quality.

The glass we use comes from 100% recycled sources.

COPAL is committed to sustainable practices as part of circular economy models that ensure efficient material management.

What some of our clients say:

  • Billy Morris
    "I loved the quality of the glass, the authentic look and feel. Jaime is very easy to work with. We have great communication and he is quick to respond and help any issues.  We love our relationship with Copal."
    Billy Morris
    Axiam Inc.
  • Megan Delancelotti
    "Our meets were met for a recycled/rustic glassware. Jaime is very responsive and easy to work with; he is able to get us needed information very quickly and the product is very consistent and reliable"
    Megan Delancelotti
    Soho House UK
  • Carlos Melendez
    "At first we were worried about the distance, but we got excellent customer service from Jaime. The authenticity, durability and quality of the glass are the major benefits... Keep up the good work!"
    Carlos Melendez
    Coyote Crossing Restaurant - Pennsylvania
  • Nelly Mendoza

    What I like about the glasses is that that it is a custom made product that nobody else have here and Jaime is great and very responsive!

    Nelly Mendoza
    Paloma Blanca - Mexican Cuisine - SA, TX
  • Carolyn Clerkson

    What I liked the most are the creative designs and quick service also the consistent quality, friendly attitude, good product. I recommend COPAL mostly because of the speed of production & quality of goods and service!

    Carolyn Clerkson
    Bespoke Barware - UK

If you need further info on products and pricing, please contact us here: