About Copal

Copal started as a school project more than one decade ago. As time went by, Jaime Gonzalez kept shaping it into becoming a company that has established alliances with a select group of artisans to manufacture products made by Mexican hands and take them to several parts of Mexico, United States, England and more than 10 countries.

In Copal we understand that every client has different tastes and requirements so we adapted the traditional handicraft techniques to meet the needs of each one of them.

Each client is unique. In this path we have made mistakes, have taken our falls, but always with the intention of getting up and learn from each experience to provide a product and service with a better quality every time.

Now we know how to take care of every part of the process. From production, inspection of every item and packing. Making sure all our products are ready to reach their destination in perfect conditions.

If you are anywhere in the world looking for Mexican products that we can manufacture, it will be our pleasure to meet you, understand what you need and deliver the best product and service we can.

Welcome to Copal, from Mexican Hands and Hearts to your hands.