Blown Glass – How it’s made

Glass Recycling

The glass bottles come from the municipal dump. To make blown glass we use transparent glass bottles. The glass is then washed to remove any impurities. The glass is then crushed and packed to take it to the factory. The glass is melted in the factory to begin the glassblowing process.

Glass Blowing Process

The craftsmen take a small piece of red-hot molten glass from the main oven. They blow this piece of glass through a pipe giving the piece its first shape. Then it is taken to a kind of bench where it is molded to give the piece more shape. The piece is taken to a person who is going to give it the final touch and details to leave the piece ready to place into the cool down oven. The pieces will remain 24 hours in this oven to reach a normal temperature and be ready to use. Finally the pieces are taken out of this oven and packed.